Orthotic Appliance Testimonials

If you are curious about what an orthotic appliance can do, see our patient testimonials.

We use an orthotic appliance to treat a wide variety of issues including TMJ, headaches, migraines, snoring and sleep apnea. We use it to correct the position of the lower jaw and to help relax and balance the jaw joints and muscles. In addition to this, it also helps align the muscles and skeletal systems located at the head, neck, shoulders, and back. If you are curious about what this device can do for you, watch our patient testimonials.

Orthotic Appliance Patient Testimonials

Each patient is in their first step of the Biorejuvenation process. Biorejuvenation (full-mouth rehabilitation) is a treatment approach that aims to restore your chewing system to the optimal position, which relaxes your jaw joint muscles and reduces stress on your teeth. Listen closely as our patients talk about how using an orthotic appliance helped relieve symptoms associated with TMJ.

Migraines, jaw, neck and shoulder pain, headaches, ear ringing, dizziness, teeth grinding, sensitive teeth, and snoring are all symptoms of TMJ. But what can be done to end your suffering? Biorejuvenation aims to fix the root cause of your dental problems rather than simply treating the symptoms themselves. A patient who has undergone this treatment feels better and looks great. But, more importantly, the need for future restorative dental work is far less likely.

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